A lesser known benefit of the Affordable Care Act is Medicaid Expansion.  For nearly 50 years, Medicaid primarily provided medical coverage to low-income to children, pregnant women and persons who are blind, disabled and aged.

The Affordable Care Act expanded Medicaid to provide healthcare to non-elderly uninsured or underinsured men, women and children who are U.S. citizens and meet the following guidelines:


Chances are, you know someone in Ohio who is eligible for Medicaid.  Enroll America estimates that more than 57,000 non-elderly uninsured persons in Hamilton, Butler, Clermont and Warren Counties are eligible for Medicaid.  The good news is that the Expanded Medicaid Program does not have an enrollment deadline, so eligible persons can apply at any time!



Here are a few things to remember:

1)      Person must be 64 years old or younger to enroll in the Expanded Medicaid Program

2)      Individuals who are unemployed or have no income are likely eligible for the Expanded Medicaid Program

3)      In some households, the adults may be eligible for the marketplace and the children may be eligible for Medicaid

4)      Individuals can apply for the Expanded Medicaid Program at any time. The program does not have an enrollment deadline or require a qualifying event to register.

The Medicaid enrollment process is quite simple.  Certified application counselors (CAC) can process Medicaid applications via telephone in approximately 15 minutes.  CACs are non-political, non-commissioned counselors who offer free assistance with the online application process.

If you or someone you know in Ohio may be eligible for Medicaid, The Voice of Your Customer has Certified Application Counselors available to assist uninsured non-elderly Ohioans with the online application process for the Health Insurance Marketplace and the Ohio Expanded Medicaid Program.  CACs are available Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Call (513) 281-3228 to complete the online registration process.  In partnership with Health Care Access Now, The Voice of Your Customer is here to help non-elderly uninsured Ohioans #GetCovered!

Written by Crystal Kendrick

President - The Voice of Your Customer

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